Timeless Bridesmaid Dresses your Bridesmaids won’t Hate

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Hey there bride-to-be. Whether you’re in Windsor, Ontario or Knoxville, Tennessee, this post will still hold true. We’ve all seen those bridesmaid dresses, you know the ones. Super bright, super poufy, and just all around uncomfortable to look at all of these years later. Well I am here to give you a helping hand so that you don’t look back at your wedding photos and regret the choices you made for your bridesmaid dresses! This will help your photos stay timeless and glorious. It also helps to have an insanely talented and creative photographer but i’m right here so that’s not an issue.

Back to your timeless bridesmaid dresses. Like I tell all of my clients for their shoots, I will also tell you for your wedding day.

Basic Bridesmaids Dress Rules:

1. First, Stay away from crazy and distracting patterns. You want YOU to be the center of attention not the team of chevron patterned dresses surrounding you and your husband.

2. Next, Stick to softer materials that have little to no shine, velvet can in some cases be an exception to this rule. Things like linen, tulle, georgette, and in some instances, silk, are all great and photograph amazingly. Some types of chiffon, nylon, polyester and, rayon give off a sort of cheesy and cheap look and shine that you just do not want for your dresses.

3. Finally, if you stick to neutral colors that also complement your wedding theme, the whole day will weave in together like the fairytale wedding you’re dreaming of!

My favorite dresses are below along with links to them or their home websites! After reading this post, make sure to tell me your faves! Feel free to comment more links to your fave dresses so I can help out my future brides!

Timeless Dress Styles I Recommend:

1. Soft and Elegant. All the heart eyes for this one. The single shoulder, tulle, and the dusty, soft colors it comes in. This is for sure going to be a timeless one for your bridesmaids!

2. Mismatched, Complementing Colors. As long as you stick to the neutral colors that aren’t too flashy, you’ll be in the history books forever as having a classic taste ahead of your time. All of these bridesmaids dresses


3. Last example: satin, slip, sexy. If you choose this type of dress, they’re sure to be the perfect timeless bridesmaid dresses and level up your bridal party from fun and fancy to classy and elegant.


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