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Off the beaten path, quiet, and spectacular locations to elope in the United States. Okay some are more popular but still amazing!

Hey hey elopement couples! I’ve been shooting weddings for years and I’m working on building up to doing more and more elopements. There is something so magical and glorious about the intimacy of adventure elopements. Nobody and nothing in sight, just you, your love, and the crazy beautiful backdrop given to you by nature. You don’t need to go all the way to the Grand Canyon to elope; take a look at these east coast elopement locations! You can have an unbelievable, adventurous, and crazy story to tell without having to fly half way across the globe.

Let’s Go Elope on the East Coast!

Before you get started, when you elope , whether its on the East Coast or the West, you’ll need a few essentials! I’ve added Amazon links to some of these as examples to make things easy for you. This is by no means a full list so DO YOUR RESEARCH or feel free to reach out once you know your location and have booked me for the date. I’ll be haooy to help you with that as I do literally all of my couples!

The Important Stuff:

  1. Hiking boots: There is no way you’ll be walking miles or even hours in those heels!
  2. Comfortable Pants: A dress is amazing, but walking in the wind and cold (depending on the season or elevation) is super uncomfortable. Throw some pants on under that dress until you get to your location! A good pair of leggings will do too! I have attached an Amazon link to the most amazing Lulu Lemon Dupes EVER!
  3. A Rain Poncho or Umbrella: Weather can be unpredictable especially in higher elevation. Pack light but smart. If there’s even a chance of rain, pack that poncho! If you pack an umbrella, the link I’ve attached is the perfect wedding umbrella. It will make your wedding photos look incredible from Hawaii to Alaska.
  4. Compass: What?? You heard me. Where there is no cell service there is no cell. Put that phone away and take out your good old fashioned map and compass and get exploring!
  5. Makeup: Even if you start your day looking pristine, by the time you’re done with that hike you might need a little touchup .I recommend you bring a small back with essentials like lipstick, setting powder, travel size makeup remover wipes, mascara, blush stick (more compact), a concealer stick, and a bronzer and brush. Sounds like a lot but it fits in one small bag!
  6. Flashlight: No explanation necessary.
  7. Bug Spray: So many tiny bugs and theyre all attracted to your (i’m gonna say it) SWEAT! So yah, pack that spray.
  8. Champagne: This isn’t a necessity but I mean, it kinda is amiright?? You NEED to have that popping champagne shot over the cliff, in front of that building, or in that field! Its an absolute must do haha!

Okay now that that’s out of the way…

Let’s get to your scenic and crazy locations! I’ve compiled a list of off the map locations. Mostly unpopular wedding locations to get you that edge, some popular, but beautiful and different all the same. Now let’s dive right in!

Chicago Engagement

City Elopement Locations:

  1. Washington D.C. This is a popular city, DUH, but it can also be so so magical. Imagine eloping in the summer, surrounded by cherry blossoms. Blossoms blowing in the wind making the perfect photo just as the sun sets over the Potomac. It sounds like a fairytale but it can be your dream elopement. Just you, your love, and me of course! NEXT!
  2. Boston, Massachusetts. If your style is Urban Chic, head over to Boston. Walk the streets, find a rooftop, drink champagne and fall in love all over again.
  3. Traverse City, Michigan. Of course I need to include a spot or two from my home state on here. Traverse City is literally one of my favorite places ever. The dunes, Empire Beach, hiking, wineries, and small town life. You’ll literally have the best time ever here (I might be a bit biased) if you choose this location to elope at! If you go around July 4th then you’ll even catch the fireworks over the lake or better yet, rent a boat to watch them from your boat and get those memorable photos! It’s absolutely incredible.
  4. Grand Haven, Michigan. This is a small quaint town in Michigan and just absolutely stunning. Shooting with me here will undoubtedly end with us at the lighthouse with the sun setting behind you and the waves crashing around you.
  5. Coral Gables, Florida. Finally, From the Venetian pool to the Biltmore Hotel, your elopement here will give you total Audrey Hepburn vibes mixed with a little bit of Emily in Paris.

Magnolia House; Andreia Danielle Photography

Adventure Elopement Locations:

  1. Acadia National Park, Maine. I bet you never considered eloping in Maine but trust me when I say that this has EVERYTHING! Ocean, Cliffs, a rustic old lighthouse- basically everything you want when you think about an adventure elopement.
  2. Assateague Island. Wild horses. Need I say more? Between the Chincoteague horses, the sand dunes, and the light house, this island is the perfect elopement location for the adventurous, animal loving, and romantic couple.
  3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Small, quaint, kinda quiet. The beach there is just un real, the sunsets are incredible, and you’ll have all of the paradise feels without the tourist craziness!
  4. Roan Mountain, Tennessee. This one is one of my faves. I haven’t shot there but I do dream to. You have privacy, adventure, nature, and some crazy views for some photos that will be really hard to choose from for your heirloom artwork to hang in your home!
  5. Middle Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Hocking Hills, Ohio. Romantic and hidden away, this is a perfect waterfall backdrop for your elopement. If you want to stay close to home but have those crazy elopement vibes in your photos, you should absolutely check this park out!
  6. Jekyll Island, Georgia. First of all, I feel like an Island is like top notch elopement material am I wrong? Anyways, you’ll find some glorious houses here- total Vampire Diaries vibes. Horses, trails, stunning beaches. Close to home but a million worlds away.
  7. Crisp Point Lighthouse, Upper Peninsula Michigan. This whole location is insane. So crazy stunning and you can walk right up to the lighthouse since its on the beach. Okay I think this is the third Michigan location so I need to now make a Michigan only blog post haha!

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The end. I think between the City and Adventure categories you’ll find something spectacular that you’ll love! Be sure to reach out and let me know if this post helped you find an east coast elopement location. Hopefully we can get together soon and shoot at any of these amazing spots!

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