Cades Cove Adventure Photoshoot

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Let me tell you right now. I’m shook at this location, model, and the incredible views. Shooting all throughout the United States has been a dream of mine forever and it’s unfolding right before my eyes. I am so incredibly blessed to be able to share my passion with such incredible people all over. This month’s top elopement location being an adventure in Cades Cove.

Top priority for Mountain photoshoots:

Designate a specific meeting place before hand or drive together. There is absolutely zero cell service up there and I somehow STILL forget that almost every single time. It’s that mom brain, i’m tellin ya haha! Real talk, we’ve become so dependent on technology for everything it’s almost scary. Don’t forget to plan the simplest details like what car you’ll be driving.

Second Priority:

Hire an amazing photographer who shoots elopements all over the USA including Cades Cove elopements. Also on that is super adventurous, fun, and easy going. This one is easy, because i’m right here so go ahead and check that off of your list right now!

Final Priority:

Rent that dream dress! I’ll include a few links to where you can rent that incredible, jaw dropping, unreal, timeless, dress for your shoots!

  1. Lilie Mae Collection
  2. Utah Gowns
  3. COMING SOON – the ADP Gown Collection that I am creating for all of my lovely clients!

Okay so seriously, this was a wild adventure in Cade’s Cove to say the least.  

I was planning on getting there early like I always do just to make sure that everything is looking okay. On my way there I ran into an accident where a car literally rolled over off the side of the mountain and almost rolled right into the river! I ended up taking another route on the other side of the river and saw the entire thing. It was wild.

Fast forward, I get to the spot with horses 6 minutes past our scheduled shoot time. I didn’t see her so I decided to drive around Cade’s Cove in case there is ANOTHER spot with horses. Clearly, I didn’t think it was going to be a problem and it shouldn’t have been. Except for the fact that apparently people around that loop drive 5 MILES AN HOUR and it took me 1 hour to drive 11 miles. So by that time, I was 1 Hour late, no cell service and no idea what her car looked like.

In the meantime, Emma had sent me a voice message but he still hadn’t gotten mine, nor I hers.

She arrived there early and 6 minutes before I got there she decided to take the drive around. Sound familiar? She was stuck in that loop for an hour with me, just a few cars ahead. Neither of us knowing that the other was there. She even drove back into town to call me but since there was NO CELL SERVICE I never got it.  

I end up getting to the end of the loop while she was on her way into town. Getting ready to face the fact that I had probably been stood up. I parked my car and went to hang with the horses. This whole time After spending 30 minutes there and I decided for one last time to go drive around. It was faster this time because there were almost no cars in sight since it was almost dark. This time, the drive around took only like 15 minutes.

As I was about to leave, I told myself that I’d do ONE LAST pass by the horses

Hoping that maybe, just maybe, Emma was there and guess what?! Her and her sister were getting out of the car at the horses just as I pulled up. They were thinking the same thing, “Might as well see some horses if I drove all the way out here.”  

So yah. It ended up working out, we literally were running through the field of horses, in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee, getting any and every shot that we possibly could before we completely lost all the light. In roughly 30 minutes we had drive, parked, changed, shot, petted some incredible horses, and left! All we have to show for it are these incredible photos. 

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Next time i’m in Tennessee, I will ABSOLUTELY be posting that on my Instagram page, just for you to have the opportunity to shoot there with me. It’s absolutely incredible so make sure you give me a heads up if you want to get together, i’d love to meet you! Either way, a Cade’s Cove adventure elopement is a MUST. Make sure you grab this idea quickly before it gets too popular!

Check the photos out, leave a comment, and head over to my inquiry page to book your next shoot. I PROMISE you it will be worth it. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a wildly romantic experience. That way you’ll also have some incredible, priceless snapshots to hang in your home.  

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you got inspired if you’re a creator and super excited if you’re looking to book a shoot with me. I’m already super excited about it too! 


Andreia Danielle

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