Wedding Registry: The Ultimate Guide

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One of the greatest things about the engagement phase is making a wedding registry! This is one of the first things that should be on your to-do list after getting engaged. Regardless of if you have a date set (you can always add that on as you continue your wedding planning) it’s a long process of finding out what you need and what you truly want most as you embark on this life changing journey of marriage. Will you really use that third set of bowls or that second coffee maker? Probably not so limit what you add to absolute faves! This ultimate wedding registry guide should help you with that.

What is a Wedding Registry? 

Let’s back up a second here and answer this one question: What is a wedding registry and why do I need one?  
First off, a wedding registry, simply put, is a list of all of the gifts you want from your friends, family, and guests to celebrate your newest union to get you started on your new life together. It’s a great tool for you to use, its free, it’s made specially for you, so USE IT! 
Seriously, the biggest mistake you can make is not creating a wedding registry. Everyone wants to get you a gift to celebrate your union, what better gift than one you personally chose and love?

Without a registry, you will still get gifts but ones you will never use or can’t return. Nobody needs an embroidered curtain, matching sweater vests, or three slow cookers. Do yourself a favor and make that list so that after you get your gifts, you know you’ll absolutely love them! 

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One More Mistake To Avoid

Now, that registry you’re creating will need to be personalized. Make sure you show your guests snippets of your life together. Above all, take photos all the time! When you get engaged, make sure you have a photographer present. Before you make that registry, get your engagement photos done! You will have recent images, specially curated to showcase your relationship and love. If you have that on there, it keeps your guests feeling involved in your wedding and journey without actually being too involved and in the way. We all have that aunt Sally who wants to give a few too many opinions on everything. Keep her happy with a gorgeous registry attached to your personal couple website dedicated to all the news pertaining to your wedding.


Head over to to make a stunning website super quickly! Weddings can be so unpredictable nowadays with Covid and restrictions and lockdowns, a personal website is the PERFECT way to keep everyone informed. Also a perfect way for them to find your registry (or registries!). After you get the website and registry out of the way, you can focus more of your energy on planning that dream elopement!

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What do I ask for on my registry? 

Traditionally, wedding registries include a number of items from household goods to appliances. More recently, couples have been getting really creative with their registries and started including some more out-of-the-box ideas. You could totally benefit from this so I’m sharing some of them below all in one spot! 
1. Charitable Donations 
2. Wine Registry 
3. Modern Art Registry 
4. Honeymoon Fund (Dream Honeymoon, and bring your photographer with you to document it!) 
5. Etsy Registry to support local artists 
6. Classes (Cooking, Snowboarding, Surfing, or Pottery). 
Although, if out-of-the-box isn’t for you then here are some other great, easily forgotten ideas! 
1. Ice Cream Maker 
2. Mobile Cooler Cart 
3. Matching Thick Bath Robes 
4. Cash 
5. Your Favourite Luggage Set 

Creating a Wedding Registry in Windsor 

Whether you’re a Windsor bride, you’re in luck because the process for registering is the same as any other area! I recommend that you use a universal registry, that way you have one central location for all of your guests to visit and a wider range of items available to add to that list.  
One last final piece of advice before you get started on that registry, make sure that the items you include are in a larger range of prices to give your guests some options! 

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