What to Wear for Your Engagement Photos

Yay! You’re engaged. Next step, engagement photos.

Well, if you read my Wedding Registry blog post then I’m sure you’re on the way to planning the most amazing wedding! After you book your wedding photographer, aka me, then your next step is booking your engagement shoot. Some couples want to opt out of an engagement photos BUT as a photographer I highly recommend that you take that step and do the shoot.

What’s the Point of an Engagement Shoot?

First of all, your engagement shoot is most likely the first professional shoot you will have of your relationship. This solidifies your relationship with some beautiful and super fun photos!

Along with that great point, having an engagement shoot also gives you an opportunity to work with your photographer before your wedding day! This is so so underrated. It’s hard to know how important this is until it’s too late and you’ve missed the engagement shoot opportunity. Working with your photographer before your wedding day ensures that your wedding day goes by super smooth. Most couples aren’t professionals in front of the camera and they can feel quite awkward. It gets even worse when the person behind the camera is a complete stranger. If you have a photographer on your wedding day that you can truly call a friend, that helps you two be just so much more relaxed and that shows in your photos! BOOK THAT ENGAGEMENT SESSION if you love those super lovey, relaxed, and emotional photos!

Just in case those aren’t reasons enough, your engagement photos are PERFECT for your wedding save the dates, invitations, photos to display at your wedding, or during your reception slideshow. And just an FYI, if you can make it through a photoshoot together, you can make it through anything. It’s a fact, I looked it up, don’t double check it haha!

What Type of Engagement Session Should We Have?


There are different TYPES of sessions?! I’m here to settle this confusion: YES!

First off, figure out what kind of couple you are. Are you a Downtown Abbey kind of Classy or a Motorcycle Sandy Beach type? Do you like to stay in and cuddle or go urban exploring? All of this can determine which type of session you can plan out with your photographer. A session that best portrays you as a couple and also helps you be comfortable while you’re at it. Remember, when you two are comfortable in front of the camera, it shows in your photos!

  1. Nature Photos (For example a Photoshoot in the Tennessee Mountains)
    • Spring-time
      • For Her:
        1. Floral Dress, Simple Headband or hair clip, Earthy flats and transition to barefoot, and accessorize with thin gold chain and a bouquet of wild flowers.
        2. Jean shorts, cowboy boots, wide brim hat, a tank top and loose button up on top.
      • For Him:
        1. Khakis, loose white button up, Vans or some type of canvas shoes (preferably white), no socks, and transition to barefoot.
        2. Ripped blue jeans, simple plain t-shirt (no bright colors), white sneakers.
    • Fall/Winter-Time
      • For Her:
        1. Jeans, booties, sweater, scarf, and pea coat.
        2. Jeans, winter boots, sweater, long puffer jacket, beanie, scarf.
      • For Him:
        1. Black Jeans, leather dressy winter boots, , turtle-neck, and long pea coat.
        2. Blue jeans, flannel, puffer jacket, beanie, and winter boots.
  2. City Photos (For example, a downtown Chicago photoshoot or a Knoxville City Photoshoot)
    • Anytime
      • For Her:
        1. Rent a wild, puffy, long train dress (probably in a lighter color or black even). You will never have another chance to be so gloriously glamorous! Heels, a fur shawl maybe, add a sparkly hair piece, even a crown! Make it glamorous and fun!
        2. Short white dress, chunky heels or wedges. Maybe add some vintage white glasses, a fun hat and a bottle of champagne. That’s it!
      • For Him:
        1. Cream or Navy suit, white button down (or turtleneck for the cold!), and leather loafers.
        2. Black dress pants, dressed down leather or suede loafers, and a cream short sleeve button down.

Extra Fun Details!

This is just an example for you gorgeous peeps. Whether you’re all about nature photos or wanna dive right into classy city pics, i’m all for it and I help you choose your outfits along the way as well. I’m loving the super glam and wild engagement sessions so if that sounds like something you want to do then LET’S WORK TOGETHER!!

Whatever your style, from sessions on your boat (classy or casual, winter or summer time lovin’) to photos on the highest rooftop we can find and dancing under twinkling lights, my goal is to make your engagement session memorable, timeless, and most of all fun.

PRO TIP: You can do whatever you want for your session; have a pool party, shoot in an arcade, have a cozy in home session. Get creative and let’s do this!

There are SO MANY details that you can add to your engagement shoot to make it absolutely unforgettable. Here are a few super easy and fun details:

  1. Bottle of champagne or sparkling grape juice!
  2. Fun sunglasses (vintage, sparkling, themed if your shoot is around a holiday or new years!)
  3. Motorcycle if you drive one.
  4. Vintage car
  5. Bouquet of wild flowers
  6. Vintage Camera
  7. Blankets, pillows and a pickup truck.
  8. Wide brimmed hat
  9. Blanket (for fall or winter, or even just to lay on)
  10. Most importantly, your engagement ring!!

Booking your Engagement Photoshoot

If you’ve gotten this far then you see the value in an engagement shoot and know how fun we can make it! All you have to do is message me and add it to your day. you book it, pay, and then get a lifetime worth of memories to share with everyone from your best friends to your grandkids!

My tips extend past this into all parts of your wedding day. Once you hire me you’ll get a full day photographer, planner, and new best friend! What are you waiting for?? Let’s get your day planned, wedding day package personalized, and planning started!

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