London, Ontario: Bohemian Bridal Shower

bohemian bridal shower

This was the bohemian bridal shower to top all boho bridal showers.

I drove 2 hours, not knowing what to expect once I got there but it’s safe to say that this was not what i expected! This is what dreams are made of. Triska transformed her apartment into a bridal wonderland. Balloons, pampas grass, and tea party vibes all around.

As soon as I walked in, it was like walking through a portal. Outside was the cold wind and inside the beauty of a bohemian brunch. A massive table covered in all kinds of charcuterie boards, drinks, and most importantly, SWEETS!

Off to the side was a tea cart with lottery ticket prizes (GENIUS), macaroons, and cake pops.

The Details:

Triska was a delight from the moment she contacted me to shoot her bridal shower. I drove two hours out to her party, not knowing what waited for me once I got there. I knocked nervously (and excitedly) on the door only to find the sweetest person ever open it up! From start to finish I was surrounded by the most amazingly kind group of girls ever. They were constantly checking to make sure I was doing okay.

We started shooting, they started sipping martinis and snacking. Once all of the girls arrived we all ate, took a group photo, started dancing and just having a blast. It was the perfect bohemian bridal shower, just a bride, her momma and her bridesmaids!

Super hilarious and cute: one of the bridesmaids was missing on the day of so they printed a photo of her attached to a stick and she partied all day long! (see pics!)

This was my first time trying out my video skills. As you all know, i’m working on adding a highlight video option to my family and wedding packages and this shower was the PERFECT place to start. The lighting, atmosphere, and most of all kind souls in front of the camera made it all perfect.

Tips from the Photographer

Safe to say this was a bridal shower for the books! Don’t forget to reach out and hire a photographer (AKA me) for your bridal shower. This makes sure that your day is properly documented and saved forever.

If you’re going to have a bridal shower, go all out! Most people only get to do this once so make it count!

Here are some wild and fun ideas to make that shower the most memorable one:

  1. Pool party shower
  2. Destination shower
  3. Game arcade shower
  4. Disco/70’s themed shower on top of a parking garage
  5. Air BNB bridal shower in a luxury house on the ocean

Regardless of where you do it, just make sure to contact me to join in. I’m really good at multitasking which means dance parties and taking photos while sipping on a ginger ale and singing. It’s more graceful than it sounds HAHA!

Anyways, book that bridal shower and make it memorable okay? Thanks!


Andreia Danielle

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