Best Places to Have a Wedding in Southern Florida

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Hey bride to be! It’s Andreia here. You’re probably here because you’ve hired me for your wedding and you’re looking for that perfect Florida wedding location. If not, then head over to my contact page and let’s get together, i’d love to shoot your Florida dream wedding! Having a wedding in southern Florida is a dream come true for me and it will be for you too. Fingers crossed, this post will help you find the perfect lowkey spot for you two to get hitched! Keep on reading to find some of the best places to have a wedding in southern Florida!

Getting Married on the Beach: Should we do it?

In short, YES!

This is the best decision ever.

You get the romantic island feel while still staying close to home on the mainland and get to end the night by having the most romantic beach photos EVER. Wedding days are full of emotions and excitement whether you’re having a big wedding or an intimate elopement. Imagine, that stress being melted away by the cool breeze coming off the sea. Sandy shores and ocean breezes just make those days so much more whimsical and magical and the southern coast of Florida has all of that!

Love is magnified by salty breezes and sandy shores, just take my word for it.

Best Places To Have a Wedding in Southern Florida

Obviously there are some really cool things you can do with your wedding in southern Florida. You can go explore the keys, elope on a boat off shore, have a Disney wedding, the possibilities are endless!

First, before anything, you need to figure out what type of couple you are. Chances are, if you’re considering eloping somewhere wild and adventurous or having a romantic and memorable destination wedding, you’re my type of people!

Southern Florida is obviously amazing. You can find so many places off the beaten path to make your perfect wedding and intimate portraits a reality so let’s dive right in to some of my faves!

1. Fort Zachary State Park

Gah where do I begin with this one. First off, it’s called Fort Zachary State Park because of the Civil War history in this spot, and you can actually take photos in the Fort itself. They will be iconic, different, and will make for the best wedding photos. On top of that you have beautiful rocky terrain right on the water, and perfect sandy beaches. This makes the top of my list!

2. Living Sculpture Sanctuary

If you think you’ve seen beautiful wedding portraits, I promise you haven’t! This is a tropical oasis of the most dreamy views and plant life around. Check this location out for the most beautiful and romantic wedding you can imagine! You’ll feel like you’re on a tropical island even though you’re celebrating your wedding in southern Florida!

3. The Cooper Estate

The Cooper Estate will give you all of the intimate tropical island feels. A farmhouse style structure, indoor seating for your ceremony or reception, and a private section for your outdoor ceremony surrounded by gorgeous movie-like palm trees.

4. Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

You get to have the garden style wedding you’ve always dreamed of only this time it’s only a short drive from the Florida Keys and dreamy beaches. You can have the wedding you want and then adventure afterwards for your bridal portraits!

5. Shell Island

Take a boat ride over to the island and snag some dreamy pre and post sunset photos on the boat! You will be able to get some insanely gorgeous adventure and editorial style photos on your wedding day. For that, make sure you hire the right photographer though! To clear up confusion, i’m talking about me! haha

6. The Moore Building

This is more for the modern style couple. Art gallery style photos, modern, sophisticated, and you can always hop into a car for a short drive over to a beach full of palm trees!

7. Villa Woodbine

Magical, private, and a whole house for the two of you and your small number of guests. There is plenty of room for your wedding guests, your dance floor, and dessert table while still keeping it minimal and intimate! A garden area complete with twinkling lights and a warm Florida breeze, what more could you ask for?

8. Thalatta Estate

This is complete with the perfect views, right on the bay, and gorgeous doorways. If you know me you know i’m sucker for gorgeous doorways and colorful walls! This is the perfect Casablanca vibes place to hold your intimate wedding or elope!

Obviously there are so many more locations and this list isn’t in any particular order because I think all of these spots are just incredible! This important thing is that you know that there are so many options for your intimate wedding or even elopement in southern Florida so you don’t need to stick to the basics! Make your wedding day memorable!

When Should We Get Married in Southern Florida?

Important stuff.

  1. June through September you’ll get a lot of humidity because its hurricane season so probably steer clear of these months!
  2. Always, always, always make sure you contact the right people and get any permits necessary to hold your wedding at whichever location you’re interested in.
  3. Southern Florida can be kinda tourist-y but that is what makes it so much more incredible when you find a private, intimate location (see above list!).
  4. Spring is a popular time for outdoor weddings so make sure you plan, call, and book your spot (and photographer) head of time!

Congrats! You’re Ready to get Married in Southern Florida!

Now that you now the who, the when, the where, and the photographer, you’re well on your way to getting your dream wedding on the books! Don’t forget to book your photographer right after you know your location and date because I myself and other wedding photographers, especially after covid, are getting booked super fast and you don’t want to miss out on your faves because they’re all booked!

Until next time (hopefully I’ll have a nice Florida tan by then).


Andreia Danielle

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