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I remember the first time I “met” Alisa. It was virtually, over Instagram, and I felt like our personalities just clicked, so naturally I was so excited when she asked me to shoot her wedding in Atlanta, Georgia! I love travelling for my weddings and this was such a fun experience. Stick around to find out all about it.

The Morning Of the Wedding

The morning of, my second shooter and amazing sister of mine, Cristina, and I drove to the studio and parked where we were instructed to park. Welp! We were given bad instructions and the parking enforcer put a boot on our car so the day was off to a great start. Thankfully, he understood and took it off as soon as we got to the car and we were able to move it!

Then started the fun. We went into the studio, Blanc Studio West. Its clean and bright interior was very obviously exciting! I immediately started with the details and quickly headed into bridesmaids and bridal portraits.

Alisa, our Georgia bride, is an event planner and did all of her own invitations, signs, and flowers – even her own bouquet! Make sure to look her up and see some more of her work on her Instagram @gardeniascrate.

The First Look; Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia

Bridal portraits- CHECK!

Next comes the first look. As Alisa hid, Tristan entered the studio. Cristina and I positioned, photographed, and directed him to get him ready for Alisa. With one tap on the shoulder, the room stood still and around turned Tristan! Gah, first looks are so so special and amazing. It gives you more time together, for photos, and takes the nerves off of the rest of the day!

Blanc Studio West is one of my favorite places to get ready for a wedding in Atlanta Georgia for sure. We moved the furniture back around and jumped into bride and groom portraits. Finally before leaving we included the entire bridal party for some amazing looking, magazine worthy shots. Upon leaving the studio we drove around downtown taking photos for a while and then we made the most important stop of all- a food stop at Chik fil A!

There is nothing cuter than a bride and groom being real and going to their favorite fast food restaurant for some portraits and good food. The ceremony and reception followed shortly after only a few blocks away and we ended the night with a G-Wagon and some window markers!

This one was special to me because it was my first Atlanta wedding and the groom is an old friend of my husbands so it was super cool to see it all come together for them. Being there for my couples doesn’t necessarily mean I need to be THERE. I’m a wealth of wedding knowledge and I love sharing that with my couples whether they have a wedding in Atlanta, Georgia or a wedding in the Bahamas, I will always go above and beyond for my couples. Contact me for your next wedding, especially if it is in the Arizona desert or the Mountains of Colorado, i’ll be there!

Congrats Alisa and Tristan,


Andreia Danielle

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