2024 Wedding Cake Trends

This year we are going to elevate your wedding cake. We’re embracing the floral and surprise surprise- ditching the all white classic three tier cakes. We are taking the old traditions and putting our own twist on them.

1. Luxurious Tulle Cakes

Taking the classic white wedding cake and adding your own dreamy, magical garden twist on it. We’re loving this wedding cake with the Pantone color of the year, Peach Fuzz, wrapped up all around it in a voluminous tulle sash.

Cake Created by: Sweet Bloom Cakes

2. Colorful Floral One Tier Cakes

We’re excited to see many more bright colors added back into weddings in this upcoming year from table settings to the florals. This stunning cake is at the same time elegant yet stylish. Pair it with a muted cake stand and you have a cake worthy of any Vogue Wedding spread.

Cake Created by Ballerina Bakery

3. Something Blue

Something borrowed, no, BUT you can check that something blue off of your list with any one of these stunning cakes. Bring your grandmother’s favorite China to your wedding in cake form and celebrate the family heirlooms while keeping them safe or add a twist to last years “pearl cake” trend with the Ballerina Bakery’s newest creation.

4. Champagne Towers

Many couples are opting out of the classic wedding cake and instead pouring their own champagne towers as soon as they walk into their reception. Have a blast and have a drink, we’re all here to party!

Take Your Wedding To The Next Level

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