Grosse Point Yacht Club Wedding

Naomi and Johnny

When I got married, I planned my whole wedding. I had all of the details down, every payment waiting in its separate envelope to hand over to the vendors on the day of, picked out flowers, had meetings, etc. I thought I was the most organized bride I’d ever met until I met Naomi. When she first told me where her wedding was going to be I literally wanted to jump out of my seat of excitement. A Grosse Point Yacht Club wedding had been on my wish list for a relatively short amount of time so I didn’t really have any idea of what to expect. Whatever ideas I had, it ended up being even more incredible than I could have imagined!

Getting Ready at the Grosse Point Yacht Club

I started off my morning with my second shooter at the Yacht Club itself. The bridal suite was busy with bridesmaids, hairstylists, mothers and friends all getting ready for the big day! Naomi stood out among the rest as she gracefully glided around the room laughing and chatting with her girls.

As soon as I got there, I gathered her details up and went off to shoot them.

After, we made our way upstairs to the bridal suite and shot some beautiful moments between Naomi and her mother. Her veil was perfect, a cathedral length veil to match a long lacey train to her gorgeous mermaid dress. Once Naomi was ready, we headed up the tower to the Grooms suite.

Johnny was busy writing down his vows from his phone while the guys joked around and ate. After shooting his details we got him ready for the first look.

The First Look

Johnny was all ready and set to go in the front courtyard. Naomi made her way outside to meet her groom for the first time. Emotions ran high, both were nervous and excited at the same time. With one touch Johnny turned around and they both caught sight of their soon to be spouse for the first time that day.

After many kisses, we made our way into the courtyard and they had an intimate moment together sharing their vows. As Johnny wiped the last tear from his brides face, they each took a deep breath and moved directly into their family portraits.

After their immediate family took their photos outside, they went inside as we continued their portraits in the courtyard. We moved in from the heat and humidity that was getting stronger with each passing moment.

Children, aunts, uncles and all kinds of extended family members crowded the hallway. In a split second the beautiful sunny outdoors became dark and gloomy as a rain storm threatened to collapse the glass dome above us. We made our way to the grand steps in a last minute change of plans for their family formals.

Church Ceremony

Rushing over to the church, we all gathered in the foyer. As they got themselves organized, we went inside and photographed all of the details of the church along with guest candid’s and readied ourselves as the processional music started.

Groom, parents, and bridal party made their way in as the anticipation in the church grew for the brides entrance. Suddenly all got quiet, the music played as Naomi gracefully made her way to her groom. Tears dripping down in the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye to her father as he gave her away to her husband, her new life.

As they started off towards their seats together, they both knelt down in the steps to the stage, saying a prayer over the ceremony that was about to commence and their lives that were about to be untied. Throughout the beautiful ceremony, songs, pastors preaching and all, Naomi and Johnny stayed close and you could almost feel their joy coming from them.

Yacht Club Wedding Cocktail Hour

The guests made their way to the back courtyard for drinks and lawn games. Naomi and Johnny joined them, laughed talked and enjoyed their time as they drank their specialty mocktails and shared stories of the bride and groom. Once dinner was ready, we stayed, joined the guests as we all enjoyed our dinner. They cut the cake, chatted with their guests and we went out back to the docks for their final portraits of the day!

Grosse Point Yacht Club Docks

A cool walk on the docks was the perfect way to end their wedding day. We had some last bits of spicy photos before their last guest photos and grand sparkler exit! To my surprise the night wasn’t over yet! The bride and groom winded down after their guests had left their incredible yacht club wedding with late night bowling with their bridal party in the basement of the yacht club!

This whole day was a dream. If you’re getting married, whether its in Florida or Arizona, reach out to me and let me get you photos just as magical as these.



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