Windsor Wedding: Marcus & Amy

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Magnolia Ranch, Harrow, Ontario

I woke up in the morning at like 6 AM, after being up with a teething 1 year old all night. You’d think I would be a walking zombie but you underestimate the love I have for weddings (and coffee haha!). I DO love my job but driving from Windsor to Harrow to shoot a wedding full of energy and emotions was NOT happening without coffee and my best friend shooting right by my side!

Being a destination wedding photographer based in Detroit and Windsor, I see lots of couples. Every couple on their wedding day is so full of all kinds of emotions. Amy was just a bright shining star, all smiles and laughs, and Marcus the same (mixed with a few nerves and a splash of disbelief that today was actually they big day)!

How I Start off Your Wedding Day Photos

From the moment Denisa (@everrootedphotoandfilms) and I got there to shoot the wedding, we felt the love in the air. I started by unloading my box of detail goodies (ring boxes, trays, and ribbons galore) and then we were ready to get to work!

All in all, this was incredible. I love getting creative with my bridal details adding in magazines, ring boxes, trays, ribbons, all of the pretty things.

Once your day is over, these details get lost or forgotten. Making time to have your photographer take detail shots ensures you get gorgeous, timeless photos like these!

Then, your perfume will no longer be just a distant memory. In my photos, it becomes a perfectly preserved piece of art and ties into your nostalgic, incredible, and beautiful memories of that fleeting day.

Anyways, back to their incredible day!

What Happens During The Morning: Bride and Bridesmaid Edition

Imagine this. Trays of snacks, drinks, and tissues were everywhere. Looking around, there isn’t a single room you walk into that isn’t an explosion of dresses and makeup. Girls are laughing, crying, and giddy with anticipation to see Amy all dolled up and ready to get married.

Can you imagine it? Yep, that’s what your wedding day will most likely be too and I’m so excited to witness and capture it all!

Amy and her bridesmaids were just naturally, and rightly so, glowing. Their joy and excitement positively radiated to everyone around them. The emotions in the hallway when the first look was happening with Amy and her bridesmaids was just incredible (see below!).

The First Look! *shakes with excitement*

After all of that excitement, the camera pans over to Amy walking down the stairs to her future husband for their first look. It’s everything you always imagine a first look to be and the candid moments immediately after were so beautiful. A room full of friends and family, everyone equally and truly happy for the union that they’re about to witness.

Bridesmaids and groomsmen got their photos with each half of the couple, Marcus got thrown in the air, and then everyone posed outside in the freezing cold for incredible photos.

So much love was shared, memories made, tears shed.

Once we gave them a break to warm up and get the feeling back into their toes (not even exaggerating), we took out Amy and Marcus for some super intimate, beautiful portraits. For all of you planning a wedding in Windsor, know that the winter will be BRUTAL so wear boots for the snow!

At the end, I totally made them stop on the path on the way to the car for a classic dip kiss photo because, obviously!

Time for the “I Do’s

Fast forward to their intimate wedding ceremony at the church full of friends and family witnessing the beautiful union of two people and then BAM, the newest is family created. “I do’s” are said, kisses shared and I expected to get to the reception and dancing right after BUT before that, once their wedding license was signed we had the most beautiful moments of worship. Their first act together in their marriage was worshipping as a new union and it was insanely beautiful!

Dance the Night Away!

After, we had some amazing food and heard some beautiful and emotional speeches. I think one of the most special parts of the reception are the speeches. You always wonder what moments of your life stand out to people and it all comes out in those moments of pure love and embarrassment.

Tune in for Personal Feelings:

When the fathers talk about their baby girls, they cry, then I cry, then I take some photos and cry some more. Then, when mommas share incredible bonds with their babies who are now getting married, it wrecks me.

I think my favorite part about wedding day speeches are the best friend speeches. It really opens your eyes up to who the couple is. When someone qualifies as your “best friend”, they’ve seen you in your good and bad times. They know what bothers you, sometimes even more than yourself. To put years or lifetimes of experiences into a moving speech is one of the most beautiful things that you can experience.

Back to the Wedding Day Experience haha!

Then came the fun part where all of the older guests left and all of the friends came. Once the hall emptied out, we turned up the volume and it was time for the post wedding party full of dancing, snacks and pizza! If there is one thing you NEED on your wedding day, it’s photos of you and your spouse eating pizza haha!

All in all, this wedding was so gorgeous, classy, and full of joy. From the wedding dress to the ceremony, I think I speak for everyone when I say that it. Was. Perfect. The fact that I could share the day and passion for what I do with my best friend who also shares the same passion as me, was just incredible. I’m so beyond thankful for her and for my couples. I am one blessed woman!

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