Chicago, IL Wedding: Onisim + Delia

Bride and groom in downtown Chicgao by the Wrigley building, groom is spinning the bride in the air

I love Chicago. The buildings, the people, the atmosphere. It’s so romantic and free! When Onisim reached out to me to shoot his wedding of course I said yes! A fall Chicago wedding, perfect weather, perfect day, perfect city. Delia was in Romania at the time and I met her for the first time on her wedding day.

I flew out to Chicago for their wedding the day before. I had been visiting some family in Naples when hurricane IAN hit, put Fort Meyers Airport out of commission therefore cancelling my flight. I had to reschedule from Miami, pay another $300-$400 to book a new flight, change my rental information and be able to make it on time for the wedding. Talk about stressful.

The Morning

I start off my morning by coming in, introducing myself to everyone around the bride and get her details together. The invitation suite, perfume, jewelry, and other personal items all need to be documented! Time flies by so fast and the smallest details can pass by and you can forget them so it’s my job to document every important detail!

Morning day emotions, letters from the groom and the most beautiful dress is what makes the morning special. This Chicago wedding day was total perfection!

The First Look and Ceremony

After the sweetest first look, we headed over to the groom’s home church. The décor was simple and elegant. Real flowers perfectly bunched together throughout the church all leading to the glorious center of attention, the backdrop.

Instead of having a large bridal party, Delia opted to have her nieces and nephews pair up and walk down the aisle. Emotions running high and excitement in the air, Delia makes her appearance. The beautiful architecture and details in the church mixed with the elegant ant timeless flower pieces made this wedding beautiful.

Chicago Wedding: The Reception

We left church to go immediately to the reception hall, Belvedere Events and Banquets. This Chicago wedding banquet hall was very bright in the lobby which was perfect for all their guest photos after the reception. We had enough room to walk around inside, the servers were friendly and the food was absolutely delicious. They made their grand entrance down a grand staircase and we went straight into the food.

Chicago Wedding: The Photos

After eating we headed out into the lobby and set up for photos. Almost immediately after the guest photos, we got into the limo and headed to downtown Chicago. Our first stop was the overlook in front of the Wrigley Building in downtown Chicago.

An hour later we were headed to the planetarium for the final round of photos during sunset! We were all frozen SOLID but Delia and Onisim still made their way all the way down the steps to the concrete right by the lake; a concrete beach if you will right next to the Adler Planetarium. Through the wind and the waves we pushed through and got some amazing photos of the two of them and the Chicago skyline, the sunset, and the lake!

Finally, we got to the car, picked up some Starbucks and headed back to the house. The photos weren’t done yet though! Once everyone got out of the limo, I kept Delia and Onisim behind to get some fun nighttime shots of them in the Limo.

All in all, I love Chicago and absolutely adore Chicago weddings. If you’re getting married in Chicago, hire Andreia Danielle Photography to shoot it. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime day, you don’t get to relive it except through your photos so invest in them! You will not regret it.


Andreia Danielle

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